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I like my bacon crispy and lying beside a tall stack of pancakes drenched in syrup. I do not like my bacon mashed up in a jar. It’s safe to say I was a little skeptical when Skillet Bacon Spread showed up on our doorstep. Okay, fine, maybe more than a little skeptical. However, I was raised to try absolutely anything once. So, I spread a little Skillet Bacon Spread on a piece of French bread, and popped it in my mouth. I was shocked by my findings: the spread was rich and creamy, not overpowering, but not afraid to be bold either. In other words, it was DELICIOUS. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but what I tasted definitely impressed me. I began imagining the uses for it in any kitchen: on a burger, on bruschetta, on a cheese platter, the list goes on.

Enough of me trying to convince you of its wonders, let me tell you a little bit about the company…
Skillet Street Food began in Seattle in 2007 with Chef Josh Henderson cooking and serving American-inspired cuisine out of a vintage Airstream trailer. Since becoming a leader in the food truck movement, this clearly innovative company has expanded its brand to include artisanal food products (such as the lovely Skillet Bacon Spread) and restaurants. The only thing that sounds better than opening a jar of Skillet Bacon Spread for a late afternoon snack, is going to the skillet diner in Seattle’s Capitol Hill for burger topped with arugula, blue cheese and, of course, Skillet Bacon Spread.

So, truth…Are you ready to accept a dare from the leaders of the Washington food scene? Come on Boston, do it…
You can find the following flavors on the Olives & Grace shelves: Original skillet bacon spread, Skillet bacon spread uncured, Skillet pumpkin sauce (chipotle) and Skillet pumpkin sauce (brown sugar and apple vinegar).

Written by Ally Sprague

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