Yay for gay marriage!


To say we’re merely happy about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling is an understatement. To all of our friends in (and in support of) the LGBT community, as of Friday, June 26, we have all won! We look forward to attending so many weddings, writing many “yay” cards, and celebrating a victory that was long overdue. In the meantime, swing by OG to relish in the glorious freedom to be who you are! We’re … Read More →

8 American-Made Eats for a Sweet 4th of July BBQ


Oh, 4th of July … otherwise known as: The day America became an Independent Woman, Pt. 1, and Prime time to whip out your tongs, get your grills hot and fill up your glasses with nothin’ but the good stuff. Whether you’re planning to throw it in the backyard or on the beach while taking swigs out of a flask (no judgement, really), no 4th barbeque would be complete without … Read More →

What’s in a Brownie? Featuring Broma Brownie Company


  Brownies are a go-to, classic dessert. I like to think of brownies like an old, faithful friend. They have been with me since childhood and carried me through many a birthday celebration, the sudden “I need to bring a dessert to a dinner party and only have 30 minutes to spare!” freak out, and those “all-I-want-are-chocolate” kind of days alike.  They are just a delightfully and perfectly simple dessert; … Read More →

Two friends, a dozen pencils, and one mission


“KITE – Kid’s Inspiring Tomorrow’s Education – a one- for- one school supplies company” Two best friends, Emily and Elizabeth together started KITE. For every pack of pencils bought, a pack of pencils is given to a child in need. The hope behind KITE’s one-for-one project is to help lower the rate of poverty through providing school supplies to children without them. Looking around at the poverty situation, Emily and … Read More →

Wondermade Marshmallows: the s’more gets s’better

Wondermade Founders

WONDERMADE MARSHMALLOWS on shelves at Olives & Grace.  Interview by Brad Jones of To Cure, a food anthology. Nathan and Jenn Clark have discovered a recipe for success—success defined not just by making a living, but by making a life. And they found it making marshmallows. Wondermade is an Orlando FL based company giving the classic culinary treat an artisanal twist. Think Bourbon, Lavender, Carrot Cake…all of which are made by … Read More →

Olives & Grace


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