Cereal Magazine II In pursuit of food and travel.  Volume One.

My new favorite magazine is coming out today. I haven’t seen it, nor held it in my hands, but I just know. This one will be a breath-taker, heartbreaker, stop-what-you’re-doing-and-sit-down-bully. I’m keeping the day’s schedule open.
See, I’ve been following Rosa Park and her food and travel blog since its inception. She ruthlessly steals hours from me on Pinterest and reroutes my meal and travel plans. She makes me realize all that I didn’t while traveling in the same cities. She’s got eyes like the best of Instagram filters; everything is pretty.
Park, a former Bostonian and New Yorker (Vancouver before that), worked in fashion and beauty before endeavoring on food and travel. Her passion was always in the kitchen and around the world though, eventually spurring her to leave the hectic pace of NYC for the hills of England, where she pursued a Masters in English Literature, hoping that writing would fill her future.
She settled in Bath, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place she says helped bring Cereal to fruition, “Bath is surrounded by the sort of rolling hills of the English countryside that you see in films – the whole place is incredibly genteel and easy on the eyes. It’s hard to not be inspired when you live in such a lovely, peaceful place. Cereal would never have materialized unless I moved here – I believe that 100 percent.”
Cereal- the name is a nod to the morning delight of sweet grains in fresh milk, a routine of reading the back of the box, testing your knowledge, learning something new- is a collaborative effort of Park and her two partners. Rich Stapleton is the visual designer, in charge of the logo, branding, layout, stock choice and all things artistic, cover to cover. Richard Aslan is the contributing editor that stood fast to the rule that Cereal would be educational; they would offer the history and context of their topics, as well as the social and entertainment value as well.
In this first issue, Rosa thought it imperative to have personally experienced each of the topics covered. She has tasted this food, taken these pictures, traveled to these places. Each contributor and Maker focused upon has piqued her interest and caught her eye. After years of curating the blog and formulating the flow, this issue will be the culmination of all of their efforts. Cereal will be a quarterly magazine, calibrating the seasons for us and reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us.Rosa, Rich and Richard—and their forty contributors and printers—debut today their inaugural printed effort. We can hold in our hands their gorgeous book full of passion and curiosity. This magazine, like the blog as always been, will be a feast of all kinds: meals, destinations, photography and minimalist design.
Visit their newly launched website http://readcereal.com/ to find stockists (like us) near you. You’ll be glad to have Cereal in the morning- it will awaken all your senses.
Lauren Bell, contributing writer for Olives & Grace.  

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  1. Shelby says:

    This looks amazing!! I’ll be stopping in soon to pick up a copy 🙂

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