Let’s start with what you care about most: the taste.  To say that the people at TCHO are flavor connoisseurs would be an understatement.  They go beyond the traditional milk and dark chocolate flavors by using their knowledge of regional cacao beans to highlight the flavors inherent in the beans themselves.  Through their collections of dark and milk chocolate, PureNotes and SeriousMilks respectively, TCHO teaches customers how to recognize subtle hints of intrinsic flavor, from roasted nuts to citrus.  So, whether you are convinced that Hershey’s kisses are the real deal or are a self-pronounced chocolate specialist, I can guarantee that TCHO’s revolutionary take on American chocolate will impress you.

Wait a second.  Back up.  What about the beans?  TCHO is no slacker in this area either.  Through TCHOsource, the company works directly with growers in different regions to obtain the best possible beans while enabling them to make a better living.   More specifically, TCHO innovates techniques to help growers improve the genetics, fermentation and drying of their beans so that the company can pay a premium price for them, allowing the growers to better support themselves and their families.  However, possibly the coolest part of TCHOsource (in our opinion) is the flavor lab.  You see, most growers have never tasted the chocolate made from their own beans.  TCHO wanted to change this, so they set up flavor labs near the growers to allow them to create and taste the chocolate made from their own beans.  Then TCHO educates the growers on chocolate tasting and works with them to grow beans that produce the best possible flavors.  It’s a win-win.

It’s clear that we have fallen in love with TCHO chocolate here at OG, but the real magic happened when I read this quote from the TCHO team, “You are our inspiration, our motivation, our true obsession.”  And then I got it: TCHO cares.  The company is filled with real people who care about the chocolate, the growers and us.  As a chocolate-lover and a person who’s just trying to do the right thing … what more could I ask for?

Written by Ally Sprague

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