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We created this list of frequently asked questions to help you! If you still have questions, please send them along to or give us a call at 617-236-4536.


Q: What kinds of products do you carry in your shop?
A: All kinds! But the major connection between all the products is that they're all lovingly crafted by small businesses and local makers – people who ditched their 9-5s to pursue their passions. Most of our items are handmade or sustainably sourced, and many give back to the community.

Q: How often do you get new products into the shop?
A: Every. Single. Day. Really! We work with small businesses, so often we only receive a small quantity of a product from them, so we have new items arriving every day! If you stop in on both a Monday, and then again on a Friday, we could easily have a bunch of new items for you to check out that arrived between those days. That's one of the many things that makes OG special - we're always bringing you unique experiences!


Q: How long have you been open?
A: Over five years! We're so grateful to our entire community for helping us grow and blossom over that time. *Warm hugs*


Q: I make amazing products *or* I know someone who makes amazing products! How can I share them with you?
A: If you would like to sell your products at Olives & Grace, or you know of a maker whose product and story are worth sharing, please let us know here!


Q: I see that you make gift boxes. Can I choose what goes into a gift box, or do I have to pick one of your pre-made ones?
A: You can absolutely create a gift box with items you pick! We curate collections of items because we love sharing our ideas, and we want to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for. But if you have a collection you'd like to make - or have a couple items in mind that you'd like us to help create a collection with - we're happy to help turn that into a reality! Please reach out here or email us at


Q: I would love to give gift boxes to my colleagues or my company's clients - do you do corporate gifting?
A: Absolutely. Any time of the year, we are happy to work with you to curate a collection that will be well-received by your employees or clients. Expressing gratitude for great work or a job well done is always a great idea! Please reach out here or email us at


Q: I always get free shipping when I shop online at the big box stores... why do I have to pay for shipping from your store?
A: We would love to not charge you for shipping! As a small business that supports other small businesses, though, we do not have the resources to cover the cost of shipping, and we don't want to artificially raise the online prices to cover shipping, because that doesn't feel right. To express our gratitude for your support, we offer free shipping on orders over $150.


Q: What is an OG gift bundle?
A: We believe that gifting items in an intentional pair elevates the experience of the items – in other words, the perfect pair is greater than the sum of their parts. An OG Gift Bundle is a curated pair of items that go especially well together. A french press is a fantastic present alone, but a french press gifted with ground coffee and a ceramic mug creates an end-to-end, enjoyable experience for the recipient that a french press alone cannot match.

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