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Maple Cinnamon Nut Butter (Pack of 2)


Just in time for the Fall season, we are excited to share Big Spoon Roaster's newest flavor, Maple Cinnamon, with you! Using only the best possible ingredients sourced from local & like minded producers who share their dedication to authentic quality...this Maple Cinnamon nut butter is fresh, delicious, and nutritious. One treat you don’t have to feel guilty about! (Even if you eat the whole jar in one sitting…)

Ingredients: Runner Peanuts, Organic Pecans, Vermont Maple Syrup, Vietnamese "Saigon" Cinnamon, Sea Salt,10oz Jar 

Founder Mark received his first lesson in handcrafted nut butter in 1999 while living in a rural farming community in Zimbabwe, where he was a Peace Corps Volunteer. After harvest, peanuts were roasted over an open fire and ground by hand between stones as coarse salt was added to taste. Some families added a touch of local honey and fresh coconut oil to complement the salt and smooth out the texture. The deliciously fragrant result was a revelation.

In the fall of 2010, Mark was inspired to recreate that unforgettable peanut butter experience he had in Africa and started roasting nuts and milling them into fresh nut butters in his home kitchen. Inspired to share these foods with others and turn these passions into a business, Mark and his wife, Megan, started Big Spoon Roasters in January 2011 in Durham, NC.

Big Spoon’s philosophy about food is based on the belief that food matters. It matters to our health, our happiness, and the well being of our planet. Food should be delicious, nutritious, and good for all those involved in producing it. They source ingredients from only trusted, transparent farms and producers that share this philosophy.

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