Historical Women Deck of Cards


Let's celebrate women! Card deck features fifteen American women who changed the world, even though the deck was stacked against them: 13 powerful woman appears on all four suits, plus 2 cheeky Jokers.  The Woman Cards” deck features fifteen fearless feminists from all walks of life, from explorers to social justice warriors, who have fought for equal representation and who constantly inspire girls and women everywhere.

The Woman Cards features an incredible lineup of ladies who changed the world:

Ace: Hillary Clinton
King: Shirley Chisholm
Queen: Eleanor Roosevelt
Jack: Sacagawea
10: Sylvia Rivera
9. Patsy Mink
8. Sojourner Truth
7. Mary Cassatt 
6. Susan B. Anthony
5. Wilma Rudolph 
4. Rosa Parks 
3. Gertrude Stein
2. Cecilia Payne
Big Joker: Lucille Ball
Small Joker: Phyllis Diller


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