Master Makers: Kerry Stokes & Abby Ferik, Calhoun & Co.

Posted on November 02 2017

While we all like to think we are home décor pros thanks to HGTV, sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect finishing touch to a room. With fall knocking on our door, our homes may need a little seasonal TLC in order to properly greet the change in the weather. Luckily, we have the girls at Calhoun & Co. to help us out.

 Kerry Stokes and Abby Frik are two of our favorite bffs for many reasons, but the creation of Calhoun & Co. definitely solidifies their place at the top of our list. Lifelong-friends-turned-entrepreneurs, these ladies transformed their love of décor into a company that spreads a little positivity into every home. These hardworking ladies deserve to have a solid foundation for their products, and we try and deliver that at Olives & Grace. 

Calhoun & Co. is based in Brooklyn, New York and is proud to say that all of their products are made in the good ol’ USA, making us love this company for more than just their cozy blankets. The company has a simple mission: to create products that capture the homeowner’s personality. Stokes and Ferik want the home to reflect its owner and whatever company they keep, and they strive to sell products that point us in that very direction.

"Each item comes from our hearts, minds, and artistic expression."

Their products start from illustrations and drawings, and from there they are taken on a journey of knitting, printing, and perfecting. Calhoun & Co. does not mess around when it comes to what they sell; each item manages to incorporate texture, color and fun into any living space to create a safe, inspiring place for homeowners and guests alike. 

Besides Calhoun & Co.'s stellar pieces, we also love that they are making giving back a part of their company goals. Stokes and Ferik have recently created the Familiar Faces Blanket, a product that encourages everyone to come together and be friendly—no matter who you are. A portion of the proceeds from this blanket to the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that helps protect our individual rights, and we love supporting brands who yearn to do more. 

"We just made our first donation for this throw last week — and it felt oh so good." 

Whether it be a fringe banner or a cozy blanket, Calhoun & Co. knows how give us the cute home accessories that we didn’t know we were missing, along with creating a comfortable oasis that makes us never want to walk out the front door.


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