Master Maker: Sarah Neubert's Hand Woven Jewelry

Posted on September 30 2016

Olives & Grace is about much more than beautiful handcrafted gifts. We are a small business fostering the growth of other small businesses. We focus on small, independent brands that are made by real people with real stories. To highlight some of the makers that we have discovered through this business venture, Olives & Grace is introducing the Master Makers blog series,  a new series designed to introduce you to the best emerging makers in the USA.   As the summer in Boston kicks into high gear, we can’t help but pull out all of our linen clothing (because let's be honest, its too hot for metals). Linen is sophisticated, yet casual; the perfect pairing with a glass of Rosé and a late summer breeze. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains you’ll find the master of fibers. A woman inspired by nature's patterns, these light weight, woven necklaces are perfect for a lover of linen and handmade jewelry. Sarah Neubert started working with natural fibers not only to find a closeness to nature and art, but balance and peace through the patterns and repetition of weaving. She says she uses weaving to “explore the complexities of everyday life that are hidden in the patterns of the natural world.” 

Q & A

Q: What inspires you as a Maker?  

A: My work is inspired by textures, shapes and patterns in the natural world. Waving grasses, seaweed, the shapes of dunes and mountains, moss growing on rocks, the faces of cliffs, cave formations and clouds are my muses.

Q: What is your process of making the jewelry? 

A: All my jewelry is made slowly and by hand on my many looms and with handmade jewelry tools. Each necklace takes hours to make!

Q: What materials are you using to make them?

A: I use 100% natural yarns and fibers, some vintage, some new. These necklaces are made from soft, supple linen and cotton from a line of sustainably sourced yarns in Colorado.


In addition to wearable pieces, Sarah also makes woven wall hangings and household items with geometric designs and shapes with a "touch of wilderness.” Sarah also teaches weaving through guides her website in hopes of inspiring more weavers to discover the possibilities of natural fibers. To support this skilled artisan of the loom, shop Sarah Neubert in our online shop or in store at Olives & Grace.

Written by Shelby Russell


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