Master Makers: Taylor Hamilton, TAY HAM

Posted on November 02 2017

In a world full of social media and emails, we here at Olives & Grace are still partial to the power of the written word. Greeting cards are something that will never go out of style because the sentiment behind them is far more powerful than posting on someone’s wall to say happy birthday.

Nothing is more exciting than the thrill of opening a card, and the folks at TAY HAM have captured that energy and placed it in each and every one of their products. “The best way to say whatever,” TAY HAM creates unique greeting cards that connect the world with witty puns, creative designs and perhaps the best way to show someone you care.

Her inspiration is “anything that makes me laugh.”


Owner Taylor Hamilton started the company in 2012 in Wilmington, North Carolina and decided to share her sense of humor and her ingenious illustration skills with on original greeting cards. Hamilton’s wit has carried the company far, and there’s nothing we love more than recognizing pure talent.


Your resident wordplay wizards, the crew at TAY HAM specializes in creating cards that celebrate everything from birthdays to babies. Each card is carefully illustrated by Hamilton herself, and she has the process down to a science; the company even includes a “family photo” of their team along with a fun caption to add something extra to the flipside, or back, of each and every card. The cards themselves are blank, giving the sender the ability to truly customize their message.

“All of the fonts are also hand drawn. No stock fonts here!”


Besides doling out great greeting cards, TAY HAM has also been inspired to give back to their community. Last holiday season, the company donated cards to a local arts center for children, ensuring that they too were able to join in on some witty holiday humor.


Our favorite way to celebrate, TAY HAM creates cards that are as unique as the person we’re giving them to. 100 percent recyclable and made in the US, these cards are the best way to tell someone you’re thinking of them no matter what the occasion.

Whatever the occasion, here are some of our top picks for your mom, significant other, or really whomever you want let know you care.

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