Meet The Maker- Liat Racin of Tamim Teas

Posted on April 11 2017

We can all agree that we sometimes expect to sacrifice flavor when it comes to a healthy diet . When we first heard about mushroom tea, we knew it would be good for us, but were pretty skeptical about how it would taste. Since it is FINALLY springtime and we're trying to get our cleanse on, we hosted a pop-up with the founder of Tamim Tea to learn more about this ancient medicine. 

THE STORY: After Liat's close friend was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder, he wanted to turn to natural remedies and started drinking raw mushroom tea. Wanting to make this more enjoyable for him, Liat started researching the rich history of mushroom tea and it's medicinal uses in eastern cultures. Wanting to incorporate mushroom tea into daily life, she started blending them with herbs to handcraft wonderful tea blends with a more balanced and enjoyable flavor for everyone.She is now located in Cambridge and sources all her mushrooms and herbs locally (which we love) to blend her teas. Her teas are healthy, caffeine-free, and organic.

In her research she found certain mushrooms had some pretty incredible benefits like:

- anti-cancer effects
- increased immune defense
- anti-inflammatory properties
- improvements to cognitive function

Start on your mushroom tea journey by tasting these blends from Tamim Teas: 

Try: Reishi Delight
Lowers stress by breaking down cortisol and regulates hormones, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, soothes and restores.
Try: Chaga Chai
High in antioxidants, immune system support, boosts energy levels and longevity, treats upset stomachs, reduces inflammation
Try: Lions Share (OG Favorite) 
Improves cognitive function, stimulates nerve growth, reduces inflammation, boosts mood and stamina. Blended with fragrant turmeric, ginger and spice. A rare treat for the tea lover!

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