Product of the Month: The Saalt Menstrual Cup

Posted on May 01 2019

Hello May!

Did you know that a lot of menstrual product brands aren't telling us all the ingredients they put into tampons and pads? Not only is this harmful to our bodies, but it is also putting an extreme amount of waste into the environment. This is an unfortunate reality seen as menstruating is a natural part of a woman's life. 

Luckily for us, there are now companies out there creating a solution for these issues. Our favorite: The Saalt Menstrual Cup. Not only are these cups in beautiful packaging but they also give back 2% of their revenue to donate period care to those who need it, and help fund initiatives in education, empowerment, and sustainability. 

Below we've created a quick FAQ to give you more information about these cups:

What is it?

It is a reusable soft silicone cup worn internally like a tampon, but collects—rather than absorbs—your period.


How much protection does it give you?

They provide up to 12 hours of protection and comes in two sizes. The regular size can hold up to what 3 to 4 tampons would hold, and the small size can hold up to what 2 to 3 tampons would hold. Once the cup is filled, simply empty, rinse, and reinsert the cup for another 12 hours of protection. 


How Do I insert the cup inside?

You can insert your cup sitting, squatting, with one leg raised, or standing (whatever is most comfortable!). You want to slide it up and back at an angle (towards your tailbone, not straight upward), until the body of cup is completely inside.

C-Fold: Fold the cup into a C-shape by flattening the cup and bending it in the middle to bring the two ends together.

Punch-Down: Use your index finger to press down on the rim to collapse the cup. Pinch to hold in place.


How do you position the Cup?

You want to position your cup lower than you would a tampon, but feel free to move it up a little if that's more comfortable. Once you've found the right position, you want the cup to open and release, (it’s okay for the cup to pop open once it’s inside the vaginal opening before it’s completely inserted). To make sure it has fully opened and has created a suction seal against the vaginal wall, rotate your cup by pinching the base (not just the stem) and turning it. This will also prevent any future leaking.

How do you remove the cup?
Break the suction seal by pinching the base of the cup with your thumb and index finger. You don't want to just pull on the stem. Then, wiggle the cup side to side as you gently pull it out while keeping it upright to avoid spilling. Helpful hint: Removing the top edge of the rim from the vaginal opening first, and then tilting the cup upright and removing the bottom edge, can be a helpful way to pull out the cup.
How do you clean it?

To sanitize the cup, boil it in water for 4–5 min (no more than 7 min). Use tongs or a wire whisk to ensure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.

In between uses:

  • Rinse your Saalt Cup in cold water after use.
  • Wash thoroughly using hot water and a mild soap, or Saalt menstrual cup wash. Avoid strong cleaners or anything that may irritate your skin.
  • Use a soft rag to wipe away any buildup.
  • Clear the four holes at the top of your Saalt Cup by passing water through the holes or using a disposable toothpick.


How do you store the cup?

Dry your Saalt Cup thoroughly and store it in the bag provided (or another breathable container). Never use a plastic bag or airtight container for storage.

Is it ok to for the cup to have some discoloration?

Yes! Some discoloration may occur over time. This is normal, and may vary from one person to another.


We know that menstruation can be an awkward thing to discuss, but we are very open to answer any questions or concerns! 


With Gratitude, 

Sarah and the OG Team

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