The Girlfriend Guide

Posted on June 12 2018


Whether it's your tried and true best friend, a new work buddy, or a member of the brunch crew, we're here to supply the girl gang goods. Cute products are one thing, but when there's intention behind it, you can really cheer a sis up. From the 9 to 5 grind, to the highs and lows of a relationship... sometimes we just need a boost to keep us movin'.


So go ahead, take a peak, you and your squad deserve a gift!


1. "I Did My Best" Gym Bag

Working out is a vital part of life - it keeps you fit, healthy, and mentally sound. Yet, even with all those benefits, getting to the gym can seem like the most difficult task in the world. On those days, don't beat yourself up. Instead, keep that chin up and know that if you're trying your best, you're doing the best!

 2. Gopi Shah Boob Mug 

A mug that supports self-love and body positivity just as much as we do! Sometimes it's difficult to embrace our imperfections, but those small details are what make you beautiful. This mug is here to celebrate the strength of being a woman. We'll drink to that, cheers ladies! 


3. Good Company Magazine 

Women supporting women is the name of our game, and Good Company Magazine is all about uplifting and highlighting the goals of female entrepreneurs and creatives. Bestowing this magazine upon any of the strong women in your life is certainly doing a huge inspirational favor.


4. Essential Oil Towelettes 

We really admire the gals who are perpetually on the go - hardworking, hard playing ladies who are constantly going after what they want. However, it's hard to get what you want when you feel grimy and run down after a long day of being a go-getter. Throw these essential oil towelettes in your purse - they're perfect for starting your day feeling invigorated, to cool off after a sweaty adventure, or to simply wipe away some of that mid day stress.


5. Britney Spears Survival Mug 

It's tough to bring your A-game every single day. Sometimes, even the little things can seem like the greatest challenge. Remind your ladies that even on the rainiest of days... they have the skills to tough it out 'til the sun is shining again. If Britney could do it, you can too!


6. Bando Pink Circle Bag 

The sweetest crossbody bag for you or your super gal pal. The pompoms give a little extra flare, and the rosé color of the bag adds a bold pop. Day or night, this bag is a slick and playful sidekick. 

With love & gratitude, 

The OGs


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