Posted on July 31 2018


Sometimes we need to take a big step back from the daily grind... and remember to make "me" time essential. Self-care can be hard, but at Olives & Grace we've made it easier to make it part of your daily routine. 


So why not take a dive into this list, and start treating yourself right!


1. Migraine Relief Eye Mask

Melt away the tension and forget the daily stressors with Slow North's all natural migraine relief eye mask. Heat this baby up, or pop it in the freezer for fast soothing action. 

2. My Karité Shea Butter Creme

Treat yourself like the luxurious babe that you are, and soak up all the benefits of My Karité Shea Butter Creme. Covering yourself in this shea butter not only helps heal dry skin, but also allows your skin to feel silky smooth...ALL THE TIME!


3. OG Candle 

Gratitude and giving comes in many forms. Our signature Olives & Grace candle not only gives your room a white tea and citrus aroma to ease and calm the soul, but also supports the employment of female refugees who have been relocated to Massachusetts. Feel good about taking care of yourself... while empowering other women. 


4. Lashes Sleeping Mask 

Get the best night's rest and look fantastic while you're at it. Sleep is the ultimate key to feeling great, so we feel it's imperative to always make time for catching some Z's... no matter what your self-care routine may be.  

Now get off-line and get on your rest and relaxation vibes! 

With gratitude,

The OGs




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