Master Makers; Patsy Kauffman Barber & Ted Barber, Prosperity Candle

Posted on November 02 2017

Even though the weather doesn’t seem to agree, we are in the heart of the fall season here in Boston. Nothing is more quintessentially autumn than the image of a candle flickering on your living room table, its scent providing you with a friendly greeting upon opening your front door.

Luckily, we know just the place to find candles that are not only adorable, but have a cause behind them that is much more powerful than a singular flame. Prosperity Candle is a company formed with the idea of public benefit at its core and “Creating Opportunity”. From the very beginning, owners Patsy Kauffman Barber and Ted Barber rooted their company in providing women in regions of turmoil, both abroad and in the U.S., with entrepreneurial opportunities as a way to escape poverty: a message anyone (including us) can get behind.

 “We believe in contributing to the common good, in the power of optimism, and in shared prosperity where everyone everywhere has the opportunity to thrive.”

Prosperity Candle found that the most efficient way for these women to make a living was through creating and selling candles. It was local, sustainable and easy to replicate a dozen times over; exactly what the owners had in mind for these women to thrive in their unpredictable living conditions.

Made of a soy blend wax, premium fragrances and natural wicks, these candles include no dyes or enhancers of any kind. A company that uses quality ingredients with a globally expansive goal in mind is something we can get on board with.


 “Our candles are hand-poured by women refugees creating a brighter future in the U.S.”

Prosperity Candle is nothing sort of passionate, and here at Olives & Grace we love companies who not only make awesome products, but also dedicate their time to helping those who need it most. Supporting and promoting compassionate companies allows us to bring the message further, and hopefully drive others to become a part of the journey.

We were lucky enough to partner with Prosperity Candle to make our own creation. The OG Tea Infused Candle gives back to the very people who inspired Patsy and Ted’s mission; the proceeds of each candle goes towards helping female refugees rebuild their lives in America. The perfect candle for a thank-you gift, you can help inspire others and yourself to support these women and get their stories out there for the world to hear.

At our store, we’re all about giving back to those who most deserve it, and that’s why we can’t help but love Prosperity Candle and the message behind the brand. You can find our collaboration with the company here, and help support Olives & Grace and Prosperity Candle in our mission to make a difference in the lives of these women, one candle at a time.


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